Über “Nunc Dimittis”


Explanation of “Nunc Dimittis…”

The long distance project “Nunc Dimittis – Musical Meditations in the Church” started in the summer of 2011. On 6th and 13th of  July I played together with my musical partner, the percussionist Jürgen Schneider the first two “Musical Meditations” in the Apsis of the St. Anton Church in Munich.

Konzert St-Anton 6-7-2011

Up to now (2013, spring) sixteen concert-meditations took place in locations in Munich and Salzburg. The idea of “Nunc dimittis” is not to play just a normal concert with its characteristic attitude of artistic playing and listening, but to use the power of music for a very unique experience of meditation and reflection. In contrast to most of the “New-Age” stuff mostly we take very old pieces from the early Baroque era as a core of any program. One can hear very special piano pieces of  ancient composers like Johan Pieterzoon Sweelinck or Antonio de Cabezon. But also compositions of J. S. Bach or “In a landscape” of John Cage are part of our program-pool. In addition to those pieces we play free improvisations with piano, vibraphone and varying percussion as for instance Tombak. This mixture of traditional counterpoint with free, modern improvised parts is very special and unique.

According to this each evening delicately unfolds its own “journey”, its own taste and tempo. The feedback of the audience was a great pleasure for us as musicians.